8, 9 & 10 July 2016 / Playa de Fora Forat, Vinaròs, Spain



Originario de Guatemala, Rigo Pex, mejor conocido como Meneo, estudió musicología en la Universidad del Valle y fundó Tripnótica, el primer colectivo de música electrónica nacional. Realiza el proyecto Democracia Sonora, una colección de grabaciones de voces folklóricas dentro del ámbito urbano re-interpretadas por músicos locales. Dicho trabajo le hizo ganador del premio Bancafé Joven Creador 2002. Co-fundó Habitart, festival dedicado a la instalación artística y el café cultural SUAE, sitio que concentró toda una generación de creadores.

Miembro activo de bandas como Pealcubo (hardcore y reggaetón) y Chichikúa (electro-cumbia quartet). La vida lo llevó a Barcelona, donde co-fundó microBCN, colectivo de música creada con gameboys, videojuegos y computadoras obsoletas.

En la ciudad catalana nació su proyecto solista, Meneo, que fusiona música hecha con el famoso videojuego portátil con ritmos latinos, pop y electrónica. Para los que no lo han visto en vivo, simplemente se puede decir que es una locura, desmadre que se transforma en baile y brincos de quien lo escuche”.

Musician, producer and cultural agitator Rigo Pex is MENEO, who’s self-coined electropical sound ranges from 8bit live performances that are described as a world-class arty punk acts that excel in ways to connect with the audience, to MTV hits that have a way of translating the latin mindset into the 21st century without too much sampling and references.

MENEO is also an active researcher and dj, graduated as a musicologist in Guatemala and currently directing spanish national radio’s podcast LATINATOR, one of the most up to date catalogs of the labels and artists of the new latin based genres from the blogosphere.

Subterfuge Records, home of Spain’s most talented indie artists has published 4 MENEO Ep’s that deliver his blend of dutch gabber and tropical vocals & rhythms that have been presented in more than 20 countries and remixed by the likes of Toy Selectah.

At 18 he studied musicology, thus creating Tripnótica, the first collective of local electronic dance music, organizing raves for more than 6,000 people. As the civil war ended, he begun co- producing contemporary art soirees, collaborating with artists honored at the Venice Biennale. At 22 years his Democracia Sonora Project (Dj’s to using his samples of urban custom vocals) wins the highest recognition awarded to emerging art and this prompts him to investigate sound installations.

In Barcelona, he co-founded MicroBCN, a group that creates lo-fi music through gameboys, video games and obsolete computers and also works as artistic programmer for La Fura del Baus and the KBB gallery, where he meets and experiments with intense and uninhibited performances, ingredients that give rise to MENEO.

Thanks to the chiptune scene and the internet, he’s been playing around 50 concerts per year, including international festivals as Transmusicales (France), Dour (Belgium), Fusion (Berlin), Primavera Sound (Spain), Electric Picnic (Ireland), Monkey Week (Spain), 981 Festival (Spain) while sharing stage with artists such as Kavinski, Crystal Castles, Bonde do Role, Digitalism, Dat Politics and Diplo, who mastered MENEO’s first album SANTA NALGA (2009) under the staff of his label Mad Decent. The rest is history.