8, 9 & 10 July 2016 / Playa de Fora Forat, Vinaròs, Spain

Fred P


Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium has been involved with music since childhood. Growing up in Flatbush Brooklyn Fred has been exposed to a wide verity of music. Such as the R&B/Funk and Rock and Roll of the 70′s, Electro/Hip- Hop,Reggae and Disco of the early 80′s as well as House music of the mid-80′s early 90′s. This has been the soundtrack playing in the back ground of his life pass to present. Coming from a musical family it’s no stretch of the imagination why Fred is a artist, however not in the traditional since. Science and philosophy play a large roll in his approach to music and life itself. Choosing to present rawness over the pristine, substance over style and vibe over formula is the very definition of the projects he brings to life as Black Jazz Consortium.

Fred began his education in the world of sound sculpting in the late 80′s in his home in Flatbush. Collecting old broken cassette decks and repairing them was more than a hobby it was necessity. In order to carry out his experiments he needed the proper tools, having limited means he made do with what he had and improvised. The result of these experiments at the time didn’t come into play until some years later. Aside from his interest in developing sounds Fred was learning the fine art of djing. He would play in his neighborhood for birthday parties and little get together for his family. As years went by Fred quietly continued to build his musical vocabulary as a artist and producer. Doing demos and making beats for emerging Hip Hop artist from Brooklyn as well as rhythm programming for the late Noel Pointer in the early 90′s opened a world to Fred that he longed for.

The Studio has always been a second home for Fred. Music is the language that brings his point across. DJing is the arena to spread these points of view and if you ask him whats the point he will always say the same thing: ” Love,Life and Rhythm. It is Fred’s philosophy that music is the universal language that brings everyone together under a sound under a groove and vibration. What you do with it is personal choice but it’s there for everyone inclusively available. From this point of view comes a extensive and humble discography spanning a plethora of fine labels. Most noticeably the legendary DJ Jus Ed’s Underground Quality. Since Fred has started his own imprint Soul People Music/Earth Tones. The future is bright for Fred P as he continues to record and build, taking his music and vision to the masses worldwide threw touring and his weekly show on Motionfm.com. Rest assured once you have had the pleasure of meeting and listening to this humble person you will be touched by this vibration of positivity…



8, 9 y 10 de Julio 2016 · Playa de Fora Forat, Vinaròs · Spain