8, 9 & 10 July 2016 / Playa de Fora Forat, Vinaròs, Spain



Polock, a quintet of twenty something year olds, burst onto the scene in April 2010 with a record which had an unusual impact for a debut album by a Spanish band. 'Getting down from the Trees' was released in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In Japan, the group was the object of an unlikely campaign in the Tower record store, in which store clerks wore masks based on the album cover; and in their concert in Tokyo, all merchandising and records were sold out even before the band appeared on stage.

In Paris, Polock played to a packed Olympia. The group did two tours of the UK, and performed the length and breadth of Europe.

On their American tour, the gig in the South By Southwest was picked out by Billboard, and tickets quickly sold out in Washington and Los Angeles. In LA, Chris Douridas (ex AR of Dreamworks and the man who discovered Eels and Propellerheads) introduced the group as ‘the next big thing’.

Blogotheque selected the group for their first recording in Spain.

They were the Single of the Week in iTunes US and iTunes Mexico with ‘Fireworks’. Their music video was recorded by David Wright, Rory Child and Tom Gallon (the collective Black Sheep) for Flynn (behind the music videos for OK GO, Mystery Jets, The Futureheads, Snow Patrol, The Noisettes...). Swedish Lo-Fi Fnk remixed it. Their music has been used in television commercials in Spain and the USA.

'Getting down from the Trees' received the Independent Music Award for Best Music Production, and for their follow-up record couldn´t aim for anything less. Preparation work for 'Rising up' took more than one and a half years, and the album was recorded during the summer in a studio in a house overlooking the Mediterranean, imbuing every track with magical light.

The audio mastering was done by Dave McNair (Bowie, Dylan, Maroon 5, Beck, etc).

'I haven’t stopped listening and recording music since the 'Getting down from the Trees' tour finished. We have never stopped looking at the way to make a great record' says Papu (vocals and guitar).

Everything in 'Rising up' resounds with unusual power and maturity. The first single, 'Everlasting', is the proof that the band is in a different league. The album is an emotional roller-coaster ride against a backdrop which never ceases to be positive.

This is pop which is cool, and carefully crafted to make you dance.

Their song “Hockney” will play in new episodes of the American TV series Royal Pains and you can hear “Everlasting” in the FIFA 15 game, which goes on sale at the end of September.


8, 9 y 10 de Julio 2016 · Playa de Fora Forat, Vinaròs · Spain