21 & 22 July 2017 / Marina Valencia, Spain



Luckily eclecticism is a value that is becoming easier to find between djs. A different thing is finding a dj with the ability to surprise. Even more, one that goes farther than using many styles from one family. One that combines the most despair genres and you never know where he´s going with it. If this notably cuts the total, the number reduces even more if we look for a dj that not only uses different styles but also can spin a full set on each of them if necessary.

Chelis is capable of all the above and also able to execute it with a deep knowledge of each style, a coherent discourse, impeccable technique, personality, risk, good sense of humor and an ability to move. In his two decades of trajectory he had residencies dedicated to grime / dubstep, techno, black music in all its aspects, skweee (better look for it in Google), ambient (his famous Ambipur sessions alongside VJ Hector De La bridge), hip hop, Bass music, Disco...

These virtues have not gone unnoticed to promoters for clubs like Moog, Katos, Florida 135, Razzmatazz, Siroco, Lolita, Nitsa or Nasti among many others or festivals like Sonar (in which he participated five times closing one of them), Monegros Desert Festival (four editions), Observatory, Electro2m, Peripherals, BAM, Lurrazpiko, Primavera Sound...

Outside Spain He´d travel with his case to clubs and festivals in Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm, Helsinki, Rotterdam, Oporto or Berlin. Respected by the press, he has three awards for best dj in the Aragonese Music Awards and has been four times selected for best national dj by the magazine Rockdelux. Anyone who has seen him dJing admires him and anyone who has gone for a drink ever with him, for sure loves him. Even with a resume like this Chelis work does not end behind the decks. Among his many projects he founded ROBOT, reference record store in Zaragoza. As a music Publisher he has divided his efforts between “KONTAKTE” label which he co-founded with José Antonio Serrano and David Ortolá and opts for the IDM textures and the most abstract and complex electronic music and the label “Lo Fi Funk”, which runs, in partnership with his friend and fellow Hybakusha, through the synthetic low-fidelity Funk territory, twisted beats and Skweee in our country.

Currently he is the alma mater of Magma, a bimonthly event accompanied by an annual festival dedicated to the electronic underground that looks into the future and reviews the past at the same time.



21 & 22 July 2017 / Marina Valencia, Spain