ElectroSplash 2018 .:. 27 + 28 + 29 APRIL @ XV Anniversary @ VALENCIA, Spain

Cora Novoa


Up there, where we almost always see her who we dance her, Cora still seems as unattainable as when walking at Madrid’s nightlife, almost a child. Already back then some legend of talent preceded her and that shell as replicant over which we saw slipping all the ugly that sometimes happens after midnight. Between the dark techno tribe of the capital, she seemed so young, so blonde, so discreet, so mysterious. So ... Galician!

All that she has of catty comes to her, for sure, from his native Ourense. She can still draw on that so cool northern silence, but the years, people and movings (Madrid, Berlin, Ibiza, Barcelona) have favorably heated her system, which is directed to an interesting complexity. Her technical mastery shines because she has been filling it with emotions, energy, truth. She always says she works with honesty and that means that everything passes through her heart. Mercenaries is another window.

Cora makes easy whatever is diabolically complicated. Privilege of someone who had very clear very early that she wanted to pursue music: she has been working in the music industry for ten years in all areas (technical, commercial, creative), she was a sound technician, she is a DJ, composer, Ableton Official Trainer, InQBarna content curator and contributor to “The Labyrinth” by RADIO3 (spanish national program). She is a pretty respectable gamer. She practices crossfit, but seriously. She is a self-confessed geek: software, hardware, programming. When she enfilades technical, no one follows her.

Her first album, “The Secret Garden” (Natura Sonoris, 2010), collected everything that had been accumulating during her exciting (when aren’t they) first 25 years. “Unattainable love” was a bombshell and she became ‘the flavor of the year’ of spanish electronic. Her closing at Sonar Barcelona verged on the apotheosis: Don´t you really have to choose between forcefulness and sophistication? It was a year of non-stop (Paris, Berlin, Athens, Brussels ...) which was followed by two more with an intense tour of Latin America (Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rosario, Bahía Blanca ...) and Europe (Bordeaux, Bratislava, Marseille, Moscow ...). Run, Cora, run.

In full career came her first big plight. They usually happen to those who dedicate so much to something. The inner emptiness. The loss of faith. Discouragement. A (small-huge) drama of those that gets smaller as you move away from it. While she got up and dusted herself off, she spent another couple of years she devoted to remix other artists and build a reputation of absolute effectiveness with her diabolical djsets. Meanwhile, she was rebuilding a new living space inside from which to compose. A new balance of her three axes: cities, emotions, people. Luckily, she always had and will have the unconditional support of her people in Galicia. In this case, behind the great artist, there is also a great family.

“Fight Love Faith” is Cora, but otherwise. Electronic breath remains, but the pop has made its way to the heart of sound. It is as if the composer had realized all the narrative spectrum and, freed from hierarchies and labels, tries her wings in the melody, epic, romanticism, light. In addition to landscapes and dance, there are stories. “It’s a very conceptual album: symbolism, alchemy, mythology, labyrinths, ... For some reason I let myself go by the esoteric and, as a result, the album contains a significant symbolic charge, from the name of the songs, that refer to alchemical concepts, to masonic words or lyrics based on myths. The album’s name refers to the three elements that I have leaned on during this time: fight, love and faith. Because this album is about fighting, having faith and loving what you do. It has not been an easy road. I had to go overcome many bumps. But I love the load of hope, light and energy the disk has. For me, it represents perfectly all the sacrifice and hope such a project has signified. “

Furthermore, “Fight Love Faith” is released in her own new label, SEEKING THE VELVET, an independent record label of electronic and pop-experimental music, which works by expanding her artistic vision through clothing design, packaging, creating accessories, audio-visual proposals or illustration. It understands art as a whole and gives equal value to each of the elements that compose it. The project seeks accomplices, mirrors, connoisseurs and people in the following wavelength: restless; creative; multidisciplinary; futurists; radicals; music lovers; in constant motion; visionary; intuitive; that challenge the established; curious.



27 + 28 + 29 APRIL 2018 @ XV Anniversary @ VALENCIA, Spain