ElectroSplash 2018 .:. 27 + 28 + 29 APRIL @ XV Anniversary @ VALENCIA, Spain

Disco Bambinos


Disco Bambinos in their facet as DJs bring their suitcases loaded with hits, technique and experience. His way of understanding and executing a deejay session goes far beyond the musical. Lights, smoke, strobe, laser gloves, cryo gun, samples and visuals, are the arsenal that complete them set.Bambinos are specialists in putting the dancefloor upside down with their big tunes. Megamix-style mixes so fast that they do not let stop dancing there are even those who forget to go out and smoke.Starting the sets with the best ITALODISCO of the 80’s, and continuing with 90’s HOUSE full of pianos, hip and claps. To end the night with the more bright EURODANCE and the most fresher BAKALAO.

The versatility, experience and baggage of Disco Bambinos makes them able to adapt as much to a proposal of clubbing as of chilling.They have recently released their second album of vaporwave “Bahia Esmeralda” with the label DMT TAPES FL (USA). Them first work “Base Al Agua” on Diet Soda Records, label founded by Disco Bambinos.

Since 2010, this Basque duo formed by Costas and Axel Casas have not stopped to reap success in their land now want to fulfill new dreams, including yours.

Costas, graphic and web designer, his debut “resol” under the electro-jazzy style had a diffusion of 30,000 nationally and gave him access to play in the main booths of the clubs of Basque Country and various awards at the festivals Elektronikaldia, Gaztemaniak. He started in music as a guitarist in rock bands in 1998. He has been part of bands like Beldurrez, Paralelo, Yemen-Ra, Tetrabreak.

Axel Casas, director and screenwriter, came into contact with the world of deejaying in 1996. Hosted in several clubs of the Basque Country (Komplot, Pagoa ...) and member of the Nomaklimato collective, as Alex Nomaklimato. Alias with which he directed and presented the radio program “La Boutique Electrónica” at Loca.fm San Sebastián (2010-2013) and has published several house and deep house EP on labels such as Olatu Recordings, Deepcoffe, House Labs, Hocus Pocus , Hands Up Records...



27 + 28 + 29 APRIL 2018 @ XV Anniversary @ VALENCIA, Spain