10, 11 & 12 July 2015 / Playa de Fora Forat, Vinaròs, Spain

Boreals live


Demonstrating that ethereal phrases are not at odds with epic and emotive atmospheres, Boreals creates music that flows from ambient ‘electronica’ to organic post-rock, crafting one of the most exciting new proposals of the scene as a result. Their first, home-recorded reference released through Bandcamp in June 2011, “Rome EP”, unveils a surprising spectrum of solid ideas for a young debuting band of twenty-year-olds. From Emeralds’ atmospheric textures to Fuck Buttons’ ecstatic use of noise, and going through guitar riffs such as Mogwai’s, Boreals transforms the best part of its influences into a completely personal and characteristic sound. Proof of this is their “Grecia EP” on Irregular, label where the band has just released their debut album “Antípodas”, one of the most acclaimed indie and electronic music surprises of 2013 in Spain.



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8, 9 y 10 de Julio 2016 · Playa de Fora Forat, Vinaròs · Spain