10, 11 & 12 July 2015 / Playa de Fora Forat, Vinaròs, Spain



As DJ and musician SANO has been very active in his hometown Medellín, now he's living in Barcelona and taking part of the Cómeme action all over Europe. His inspiration resides under the shadows of sub-cultures from New York, Cali, Chicago or Medellín and recalls icons like Willie Colón, Ron Hardy or Hector Lavoé as his references. Active in dancefloors, radio and studio work with the label since 2011. With appearances in various label compilations and solo material and as collaborator of the Radio Cómeme project with his monthly salsa music show: “Al mal tiempo buena salsa”. In 2013 he released the first solo album self titled SANO. The 2x12” compiles a selection of different improvised recordings made in Colombia between 2012 and 2013 with various Cómeme familiars like Diegors, Gladkazuka and Lord Byron and mixed in México by Daniel Maloso. The album is filled with the label’s spirit of collaboration and attitude of fearless rythms and furious irreverence that goes from love acid house songs like “Me without you” to obscure jacking pieces like “Boquerón” to name a few. In 2015 is expected to put out a few more references.

The universe that SANO try to build up in his productions and DJ performances tends to go from obscure, slow, down pitched acid electronics to elegant jacking salsa moves. You can expect deepness, dirtiness and soul.



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8, 9 y 10 de Julio 2016 · Playa de Fora Forat, Vinaròs · Spain